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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Life: Troubleshooting Techniques

We are facing lots of problems in our daily routine life. If human being face their problems with the smiling face then the problems could not act big impact to our mind and life because living organism is one and only object who can smile and express their opinion and feeling. The great Osho always says that you do only your work; don’t cross others world without their permission. If all peoples will handle their own work and responsibilities then no one has complain of others. 

These all are not topic of mine.  My topic is that how you solve your problems of your life. How will you solve your problems and what to do for minimum impact of the problems? I am write some tips which is useful to face your problems, how to live happy life and for mind recovery.

1.       Face Peoples: Your problems could not solve automatically, for this you have to get up and wake up. Yes, I want to remember the great line of Swami Vivekananda: “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.”  Your problem is whatever but if you connect with peoples then you will get the solution of your problem. If you are alone then no problem, just close your eyes and remind the happy moments of life. These happy moments are heal your heart and suggest your future path. Second thing is that if you face the peoples then you can get the creation of new Ideas and also get the solution and also you get presence of mind. You will get update and your mind is also does workable, you fell freshness, can increase your self-confidence and you will make new friends of your life. You can live life happily.

2.    Know weak points: If your problem is a person or related to any person or the person who can solve your problem then you could know the weak points of that person. For example, Brother and Sister fight for TV remote and sister is order to the brother, if you could clean your bedroom then I will give you the remote. He could never clean his bedroom and this was his weak point and the sister knows that.  So main point is that you could find the weak point of the person for agree with you.  You could recognize this trick to solve your problem. Be Happy and live happy life.

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