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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Auto Suggestion of mind

Auto suggestion is useful to live happy life because it makes positive and smooth pave of life. Our happy moments of life is depends self ordering of us. If living organism suggest negative way to his mind then he will never get right way.
Mind is a wonderful object; which we have for every moment of life. When we do start any work, first we have to send the message in the direction of mind to do that work. Then, mind is reply to our body and move to do that work. 

I could compare the mind with Newton’s third law. Because according to Newton’s third law, we are give the thoughts to mind that thoughts will react us as result. If our thoughts are negative and so close  than we cannot expect any positive result.
According to me the mind is reflected object. Our thoughts go in our mind and compare with it. Some thoughts are reflect by words. Some thought which we cannot reflect by words, then those thoughts will go in our subconscious mind. Our thought’s reflection will get in our work or body language and also effect  to our routine life.  

I have hardly say about Auto Suggestion because it is very thin object between thoughts and our mind.  Auto Suggestion is very powerful intellectual process. We do any routine work; it is nothing but just 'auto suggestion'. Your brain’s two parts conscious and sub conscious mind which is worked together. In this two parts of brain our sub conscious mind is accept auto suggestion of our thoughts. 

Every living organism has auto suggestion technique; it needs to improve that power of the hidden entity. In auto suggestion the organism is suggest doing any work to body and this means that it is one type of hypnotism. Living human is though deep inside of mind by the process of hypnotism over the hypnotist’s order.

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