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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Conquest Of Confidence and Success

Success is confidence. Whenever we do any activity and motion our body, that time we create our own image in front of peoples. These things effects to our confidence:  body language, our speech, our face reactions, our cloth which we wear at a time, our friends groups, our routine habits etc. We don’t find any way to out from the critics in our happy life that time we archive an idea from our confidence. Confidence is the rout of our work and it is oxygen that absorbs our negative things. Don’t cover up your mistakes. Just admit it. 


Every morning in your peaceful life, you get up from your bed you should thanking your god and then thanking you own who would do good things whole day. The unbelievable positive power comes from it when you thanking to god for any work. When you say something like ‘ I don’t know about it’ or ‘ I don’t like it’ or ‘ I can’t do this work’ , you freak out your mind. Instead of above words you can say: ‘I am interested to know about it’ , ‘ I like when you do….’ , ‘I am very little interested to do it, not more’.

Let me move on to self respect because to live happy life Self-respect is one more thing to be successful.  Whenever your confidence get down then your fear increases and you do maximum mistakes in this type of cases. Just believe in you and respect yourself. When you respect yourself then your confidence will automatically increase and you can do better work.

Education is most important thing to live mindful life as per my previous post. You would be well educated but when you have not self-confidence then perhaps you perturb yourself to make bright career. So let’s respect ourselves and be educated.. be confident.. be secure in your life.. be happy .. live happy..  

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