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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Determination of Happy Life

Such issues points to put into perception what is satisfying about life and what we would slightly abandon. But it also highlights that we would not wish to recur the same things over and over again the invention of life. Even what we love becomes boring if we are forced to do nothing else, humans need variety in our lives. Let see two points of view for satisfaction of human life: one is presence of mind and second is think with your breathing powers.

The quality of life is so important than it’s quantity. Our mind always keeps the quantity of our life, but it’s not enough verses quality of it. First I have to write our absence part of mind. When live a moment of our life with presently our mind and breathing with that moment it such really live moment totally and also we feel with every moment of our life.  

If our breathings are in presence of mind, we can totally getting positive energy and the body is feel energetic and fresh. I want to write here about today’s generation and potential generation of them. Their life is dividing in so many activities and thoughts.
No doubt, everything has two parts: positive and negative, but here mind is dividing in several things the person can’t constraint on any one thing. The result is that, person can’t feel and realize the moment of life because his mind is dividing in so many things and than his breathings may also confuse with his activity because of stuffing of activities. So the point is that we should live every moment with totally breathing and also presence of mind.

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