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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Try Mind Reading Technique

Mind’s most important part is to read other’s intentions. It is the natural gift to read other’s mind. Mind reading techniques can help you to observe someone’s intentions. First you have to make eye contact of someone. Eyes express what your mind is feeling and what he wants to say. Sometimes movements of the eyes are saying that what want to person thinking. 

Second technique is body language. Sometimes we can’t to examine eye contact. At this time our second path is body language. If arms of an human being are crossed, it means he is slighted by something you said. Sagged shoulders and sluggish stance make the people signify sadness. 

Sometime we are not contact them face to face. In this situation we can observe them to listen their voice tone and dialogs. When someone is in rush them voice is harry and cut, short dialogs. Every fake person is guilty. The impostor has its own ways of getting trapped. For better understanding of the psychology of mentalist, You have to improve your communication skills, reading body language and acting, and the ability to think on his feet in high pressure, and occasionally uncertain situations.

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